Video Production


Indie Production

Director  Brent Adams
Videography  Chris Vaughn
       Grant Walters

About The Production

Three strangers, but one thing in common, music! A young guy, a college student and a middle-aged teacher literally run into one another near a downtown park. Each party is conspicuously listening to their favorite style of music when their paths cross. They will soon discover that even in their disimilar tastes in music they find a commonality that allows them to enjoy not only the different styles of music, but each other as well.

This project was an independent video collaboration which began as a way for us to hone our skills as visual storytellers. We set out to gel more as a team, but to also explore refining our technique and style. Though the project was never completed, we gained some valuable experience and found some creative ways to get our shots with a zero budget. We each took turns with videography, script writing, direction and producing.

Song: "I Don't Want To Grow Up," Performed by: The Ramones, Album: Adios Amigos, Produced by: Daniel Rey, 1995, Label: Radioactive (US), Chrysalis (UK), Written by: Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan

Behind The Scene

We shot this on location near downtown Johnson City, Tennessee. We used a Canon XL-2® to do all of the taping. For our dolly shots we used a Toyota Camary. For the shot of the actor running in front of the camera, we placed the camera out of the car's sunroof. Using a tripod for stability, we were able to mount the camera and operate it from the passenger seat.