Video Production

DIY Install French Drain Aternative

How To

Director  Sharon Vessels
Writers  Sharon Vessels & Shayna Krivis
Actor  Tony Cuviello
Videography, Editor &
Motion Graphics  Chris Vaughn

About The Production

Our team approached this project with the goal to emphasize ease of installation, light weight, durable and above all easy enough a homeowner could do it. We knew we had to be very conscience of all the various details which take place throughout a project of this scope. Sharon, Shayna and Ryan set to work developing a script that would make a large project understandable to a homeowner who may or may not have any experience with drainage around their home.

The writing team then passed the completed script to me along with directions for shots they wanted to see and motion graphics needed. They left the creative details of the cut and the development of the motion graphics needed open to me. Sharon and her team are always a pleasure to work with.

Behind The Scene

While on location, the jobs site had about four or five different areas that were being worked on simultaneously that needed to have video captured.

Fortunately, the areas varied in complexitity and type of work needed, which allowed me to move around constantly gathering footage without impacting the progress of the work.