Web Deployment

Glam Gram


Client  Glam Gram Jewelry Diva
Website Assembly  Chris Vaughn
Website Theme  themeforest

Glam Gram Jewelry Diva

From the start the client wanted a simple design that would be easy to navigate and easy for her customers and collegues to find information on the site. I worked with the client and helped her narrow down a template that had the look and feel she wanted her business to portray. The only request she had in regards to the look was the background colors...she wanted pink. So with a little work in Photoshop® I was able to quickly give her the color she wanted. The client also informed me that site must be password protected to meet the corporation's independant jeweler website policy. I found a PHP solution and implemented it for her. This project moved very quickly, I was able to go from start to finish in just under three days.

Behind The Scene

The "Crea" HTML Template from themeforest was used in building this site. Adobe Photoshop CS5® was used for photo optimizations and Adobe Dreamweaver CS5® was used for HTML, CSS and PHP. Web Page Password Protect courtesy of zubrag.com.