Video Production

Logo Animation

Motion Graphics

Client  NDS, Inc.
Animation  Chris Vaughn

About The Production

Client began production on a series of videos and needed a beginning and closing graphic. I started work on animating their company logo and struck on the idea of using the wireframe globe to introduce the logo. When I first showed the animation there was a little concern with how the logo was broken apart. It had deviated from their normal treatment of the logo in the past. But after some discussion the exceutives decided to take a chance on the animation. They really seemed to like how the splashing and bubbling water really played into their tag line, "We put water in its place." Once the animation was launched with their first video in a series, there was very positive reaction to the animation and the video produced.

Behind The Scene

Produced in 2012, using an iMac 27, 3.4GHz Core i7 with 32GB of memory, OSX 10.8

I used Adobe After Effects CS6 to create the animation.