• Logo Animation

    The use of particle effects to simulate splashing and bubbling water.

  • How To

    DIY project that showcases a french drain alternative and ease of installation.

  • Animation

    Logo animation that uses particles effects.

  • How To Video

    An easy to install drip irrigation kit video.

  • How To Video

    On Raindrip's most popular model of programmable timers this video highlights important points of programming their timer.

  • Music Video

    Three groups of teens plus three mysterious shapes equals one awesome discovery!

  • Independent Production

    A short promo which focuses on one of three characters.

  • Brochure Redesign

    The client asked for their brochure of almost 12 years to be updated. Primary amoung the requested updates was to give the brochure a more modern look.

  • Independent Production

    A short story about how lives can intersect and new friendships emerge.

  • Website

    A web solution for a small business owner who needed to promote her business and to provide an efficient way for customers and business associates alike to find and use important instructions, tips and helpful advice.

  • Broadcast Ad

    The Marketing Director at Southeastern Community College in Whiteville NC wanted to start a new advertising campaign for the new school year, building on the ideas used in this video.

  • Promotional Flyer

    The client's promotion was themed around the idea of "Mother's Day." The inspiration of family polariods laying on a tabletop struck me while sorting through photos in my office.