Video Production

Programming an Automatic Timer

How To

Writer/Director  Sharon Vessels
Actor  Ryan Larson
Host and Voice Talent  Tony Cuviello
Videography, Editor &
Motion Graphics  Chris Vaughn

About The Production

To help ease the number service calls on programming Raindrip's most popular programmable timers, the client approached me to help deliver a video that would clearly and simply explain how to properly program the timer. I worked closely with Sharon Vessels, Director of Marketing at NDS, Inc. and Ryan Larsen, Technical Services Manager, the product expert at NDS in developing the "How To" video.

I rough cut the raw footage based loosely on our discussions. From there we began to dial in the cut to it's finished state. Meanwhile, we needed to get the footage of our host. We choose to shoot in the executive offices of NDS in Woodland Hills. There was a bit of trail and error with the location, but I got things setup and ready to go. Tony was fantastic to work with, he came relaxed and prepared.

Sharon requested early on in the project that I use some type of motion graphics to better clarify how the programming works. I choose text and animated graphics to illuminate the parts of the programming steps that tech help received the most calls about.

Behind The Scene

Produced in 2012, the timer programming footage was shot in Ponte Vedra, Florida and the host footage was shot in Woodland Hills, California.

Equipment used: Nikon D7000 with the 18-105mm lens. Audio-Technica ATW-1811D wireless mic system paired with the Zoom H4N portable digital recorder for our talent's audio.

Adobe CS6 Production Suite was used exclusively to do all the post-production work, which includes: editing, motion graphics, color correction and audio sweetening.